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                                                                    Advertisers Love Podcasters

Advertising revenues for the podcasting industry are expected to reach 36 million dollars this year. The medium still has a long way to go to catch up with traditional radio advertisers, but there are several reasons why sponsors are finding podcasting an attractive place to spend their dollars.

1- Choice and Action. Listening to a podcast is "intentional", not "accidental". Unlike an AM/FM radio dial where listeners may scan for alternatives when they hear something they don't like, podcast listeners make a thoughtful action based decision when deciding which podcast to listen to.

2- Host Interaction. Many of the commercial spots heard on podcasts today are voiced by the host. Advertisers see value in the integration of their selling message in this manner, more so than a pre-produced thirty-second commercial.

3- Audience Acceptance. Listeners realize podcasts are a work of love generated by the host or a team of producers. They are willing to spend the time with, and are responsive to, commercial messages knowing that dollars spent on these spots make it possible for the continued production of the podcast.

Advertisers also appreciate the fact that their commercial message will not be third or fourth in a cluster. The typical podcaster inserts two commercial messages per episode and formats the program as follows:

     Pre-roll Commercial

     Podcast Content

     Midroll Commercial 

     Podcast Content

​Other than a grass-roots effort by the host, there are several companies that specialize in helping podcasters monetize their programs.

Midroll. Works with national brands such as HBO, Prudential, Dunkin' Donuts and others.

MediaLinx Marketing. Boutique firm specializing in the entertainment and education industries as well as corporate sponsorship.

Revolver. Specializes in podcasts appealing to the U.S. Hispanic community.

Panoply. National ad seller for well developed podcasts.

Adopter Media. Full service ad sales media representation.

Podtrack. Connects podcasters with national advertisers.

How much should you charge an advertiser to appear in your podcast? Larger more established podcasts can generate a CPM (cost per thousand) as high as $25. Even smaller podcasts are successfully charging
​a $15 CPM.

In an effort to help podcasters establish and maintain a strong relationship with their audience. We recommend podcasters consider adding a custom app to their distribution strategies. Given the tens of thousands of podcasts on the big-box-apps, a custom app provides easy access to your programs reducing the steps required when an action based decision is made to listen to your podcast. The easier your podcast is to find, remember, and listen to, the faster your audience will grow into a brand capable of attracting advertising revenue.

Many podcasters have shied away from developing a custom app simply because they did not believe they could afford one. Most cost thousands of dollars to create and the inexpensive ones are do-it-yourself templates that just don't have the polish required to help your brand shine in the digital marketplace. To help podcasters forge ahead with this aspect of their new media digital strategy, Iglu Radio offers an affordable solution designed to professionally put your podcast in this space. To learn more, please visit the other sections of our website.

Have questions on what is the right strategy to boost your podcast's visibility? Contact us at ​info@radio-linx.com or 480-993-3150 for answers in a non-selling environment.