A custom home for your podcast content.

                                                           A Custom App Can Help Grow Your Podcast

Unless you are Adam Carolla or Marc Maron, chances are the majority of your podcast listeners found your program through social media, word-of-mouth, or by personal invitation. The fact is, most podcast listening that occurs today is "intentional" versus "accidental". Unlike a standard radio dial where listeners may scan for alternatives when they hear something they don't like, podcast listeners make a thoughtful action based decision when deciding which podcast to listen to. It is this very reason why advertisers find podcast audiences to be such an attractive sponsor vehicle.

We believe many of today's podcasters should reevaluate their "discover" strategy. While it may boost a podcaster's ego to be on one of the big-box apps with a million or more users, those apps also house tens of thousands of podcast hosts. With no reason for listeners to scan from one program to another, it can be very easy to get lost among the big names and myriad of others. This is especially true for smaller podcasters, those that are newly launched, and niche programs.

Listening to a podcast is a personal decision and podcasters could benefit by making access to their programs more individualized. One way to accomplish this is with a custom show specific app for your podcast. With an individualized app, fans can easily download your app from the Apple Store and listen at will from their smart devices. Unlike the big-box-apps, there are no menus of hosts to search through and no pop-up adds, just easy access to your podcast. A custom app can strengthen your brand and drive traffic to your social media sites.

When your podcast is ready to stand side-by-side among the industry's best offerings, it is time to take a good look at how your podcast is distributed. While it makes marketing sense to be on the big-box sites such as iTunes, Spreaker, Blog Talk, TuneIn and others, established podcasters also make their programs available on a custom stand alone app.

Many podcasters have shied away from developing a custom app simply because they did not believe they could afford one. Most cost thousands of dollars to create and the inexpensive ones are do-it-yourself templates that just don't have the polish required to help your brand shine in the digital marketplace. To help podcasters forge ahead with this aspect of their new media digital strategy, Iglu Radio offers an affordable solution designed to professionally put your podcast in this space. To learn more, please visit the other sections of our website.

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